Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod wip3

A little more shading ….

Darkened and blended the tones some more. It might not look much different in the pictures but it’s significantly better in R/L and a good base for the next steps. Coloured the roadwheels too for some variety but I’m unsure if I like them. The plain Dunkelgelb probably gave more artistic contrast but kinda didn’t fit with that well thematically with late war and ’46 colour schemes. I shall have to ponder the wheels a little more. Apart from that it’s onto the lining and weathering ….


Panther G3 R6  052 1250

Panther G3 R6  057 1250

Panther G3 R6  059 1250

Panther G3 R6  056 1250

4 comments on “Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod wip3

    • Yeah Mirkos work is awesome, esp his later stuff. Unfortunately he doesn’t show it on forums (not Western ones anyway) as it all goes into Modelling Magazines and books as far as I can gather ….

      Going darker was my first thought though but I felt like a change after the Ardennes Panthers which all had darker running gear …

    • Hey Keith!! I must say I’m enjoying this modulation stuff, my techniques had been using it anyway since I started painting – just not the newish extreme Euro style.

      I can’t see me doing too much of my stuff like this though …..

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