Groups and Compilations – volume 1

Commission Battlegroup collections …..

I think I mentioned a few posts back that I was cleaning up some old pics. I’ve sorted out a few which show only groups of vehicles, all commission projects. While some are re-posts and appear in the blog under separate headings, I thought it might be interesting to see them all together …… I’ve probably got enough pictures to make three of these posts so bear with me.

ps all 20mm unless otherwise noted ….


21st Pz 066 1440

21st Pz 065 1440

9RTR 065 1440

11th armd 065 1440

Recce 066 1440

Recce 065 1440

#rd Hussars and 142nd FA  066 1440

#rd Hussars and 142nd FA  065 1440

LAH PzJgrIVs 065 1440

DSC01281-2LAH PzIVs 1440

3ID AT 065 1250

11th armd recce 065 1440

LAH battlegroup  011

Some 1/48th groups …..

148th 11th armd Shermans 900grp 1

148th Sovs 075 1440


7 comments on “Groups and Compilations – volume 1

    • Thanks Dan ! There’s some older stuff in their (older to come yet lol) but the 21st PZ stuff at the top I really enjoyed as I got a chance to paint and integrate the crews as well, something I don’t normal get to do ….


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