Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod wip2

Some progress on the paint ….

Finally made a start on the camouflage on my PantherF R6. Ever since I saw piccies on the web of Adam Wilders fantastic E-75 I’ve always wanted to have a go at the camouflage he used. While I’m not normally a fan of strong modulation Adam is the master of it and this build is spectacular (as are all his builds).

So as usual I’ve ended up trying to replicate a thinly sprayed layered camouflage using my trusty brush. Acrylics are a little tricky to layer as even though it’s dry the preceding or lower layer can get pulled up, running a lot of work. Ideally I think a quick varnish between layers is the key to stability and now I’ve got this far I’ll give it a dusting of Dullcoat before going any further …..


Baby steps, the first thin layers go down …..

Panther G3 R6  035 1250

I’d say I’m about 2/3rds done with the camo now. Still gotta both darken it and massage the tone a lttle more then it’s onto the normal finishing process, pin lining, streaking and weathering ….

Panther G3 R6  044 1250

Panther G3 R6  045 1250

And my inspiration, Adam Wilders superb E-75 (posted here for discussion purposes only)

AW E-75 010


4 comments on “Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod wip2

  1. Well tis going ok so far lol. I’m not sure how much “ultra modulation” I’ll ever paint but I’ve always wanted to see if I can do it and if it turns out ok then that’s another “tick in the box” for schemes I can brush paint ……

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