1/48th Wargaming Aircraft

Just for a change of pace …..

Must be on some sort of nostalgia trip as I’m trolling through my hard drives sorting out old pics and projects. Here’s a bunch of 1/48th aircraft (20 years old or more) that we use for airwargaming and over table support for our ground games. Due to their age they’ve had some hard use and have the odd bit missing. Like everything else I do they’re brush painted and because back then I knew nothing about laying down decals the edges are a little silvered in places.

However after digging out these pics I must admit I’m feeling the itch to make another aircraft soon ……


Spitfire 485-0

FW 190D-000

ME109F - Priller


ME109 - Galland-1



ME109F - Molders-1

Spitfie V-1


3 comments on “1/48th Wargaming Aircraft

  1. Wow that takes me back. They still look awesome. Too many temptations in this stuff. Makes me want you to make the modern helicopters now.

    • Lol, just read a review on a new 1/48th Marine AH1-Z kit by Kitty Hawk, verrrrrry cool, of course it’s not cheap 🙂

      And yeah, I’ve a fridge full of these damn winged things assembled and waiting for paint ….. so whenever you get the new adjustable flightstand base sorted …..

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