LAH Kampfgruppe – wip2 Halftracks

2nd instalment in the LAH Kampfgruppe build …

The halftrack component of the LAH build was to comprise 2x 251/1 SPW, 1x 251/2 81mm Mortar, 1x 251/9 75mm SPG and two AA halftracks.

The 251’s are all Dragon kits and are pretty straightforward although reasonably involved builds. I always assemble the roadwheels and tracks first so the when adding the steering wheels I can adjust the sit and height so that they all sit square on the ground. The interior seats require some care along with other details so these kits are not designed for the casual builder. While they have the best details if an easier wargame build is what you’re after I would recommend the Hasegawa 251. However, I like the details so onwards …….. The only (slight) mods were required to produce the two support platoon tracks. I used the 75mm gun assembly from the Hasegawa 251/9 and made a mortar using bits from the spares box.

The two AA halftracks were vastly different in terms of build quality and detail. The Hasegawa SdKfz7/1 2 cm flakvierling 38 kit is old and lacks detail by todays standards. It basically falls together though and with care to set the track properly the trick with this one will be to shine it up using the paint.

The ACE SdKfz 10/4 2cm Flak 38 is a whole lot trickier. ACE kits in general are shorter run and thus some of the modling is a little soft and requires a lot of cleanup. They make up for this by offering unusual and interesting subjects. There is no one really difficult part about this kit as it all requires care and attention to get it right. The track assembly in particular though is difficult and I drilled out and replaced the front axel with brass rod. No mesh is supplied for the side folding fighting platforms and I sourced some from the spares box. The 2cm Flak is well detailed but delicate and also needs care while building …..

Once assembled all halftracks received the standard base coat/primer of Tamiya TS3 rattlecan Desert Yellow.


251grp 012 1250

251grp 010 1250

251grp 016 1250

251grp 018 1250

251grp 021 1250

251grp 031 1250

251grp 041 1250

My (easyish) method of painting wheels and getting a good defined wheel rim is to first run a very thin pin wash upto and around the tire/wheel rim edge using a fine brush. Filling in the sidewall is then much simplier and should be a bit easier to get a good clean edge. Note I always paint my wheels a blueish grey rather than black …..

251grp 045 900


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