LAH Kampfgruppe – wip1 Panthers

Apologies for the long drink between updates, we had some unexpected R/L things to deal with. I’m back modelling and posting regularly again so it’s time to get this blog back on track ….

PBG Panthers 151 and 232 coverpic 1350

Enough waffle – I recently finished the last bit of an Ardennes themed LAH Kampfgruppe and instead of posting the finished stuff I thought I’d take the time to put up the wips pics first. The whole thing is 11 vehicles, 3x Panthers, 1x TigerII, 4x 251’s, a couple of AA haltracks and a Kubel. The kits are mostly Dragon with the AA tracks being from Hasegawa and ACE and the Kubel is an old Nitto offering.

The rough plan …..

One of the requirements was for the three Panthers each to have a different type of late camo, “std” factory finish, Daimler-Benz “dot” or ambush and M.A.N. “disc” camouflage. Additionally one Panther was to be all steel wheels and another was to represent the Befehls or command Panther G 151 of SS-Sturmbannführer Werner Pöetschke, the commander of I./SS-Pz.Rgt. 1 of Kampfgruppe Peiper during the offensive. So this meant some juggling of schemes, tank numbering and a dash of artistic license to meet these requirements.

Panther 151 was the easiest as it had to have the std factory scheme. There were no steel wheel machines with disc camo and the only commonly identified disc machines were in the first company. Also the few steel wheelers the LAH were supplied (only approx. 22 were produced) seemed to have been issued to the platoon and company leaders. So the steel wheel machine got dot camo and was numbered 232 and the disc Panther got numbered as 131.

The halftracks had no requirements so I chose to finish the 251’s in varitions of late factory camouflage and the AA halftracks which were earlier vehicles (the SdKfz10/4 20mm in particular is a very old survivor) got more general schemes. The TigerII also got a more artistic finish in that I wanted to try a scheme with a more greenish hue to the dunkelgelb inspired by another modellers finish.

Befehls Panther G 151 of SS-Sturmbannführer Werner Pöetschke destroyed and abandoned in La Gleize after running out of fuel, a fate that awaited many of the Kampfgruppes vehicles towards the end.

Panther 151 in La Gleize

Panthers and Tiger assembly

All pretty straightforward builds with only a few typical issues. Two of the Panthers (Gs) are metal hulled offerings and the fit of the rear hull plate in particular needs attention to get it right with trial fitting and filing required. The DS tracks are easy to work with but the “black” vinyl tracks are harder to glue and stretch to length if required.

Panther Stash p1

PBG - 010

PBG - 020

PBG - 021

Basic assembly completed, Panther 151 gets the extra aerial mountings and the co-ax mg port plugged. As Panther 232 is a late build it gets the ost-kompass mounting plate in the top center of the turret and the three gas detection panel mounting plates added to the turret top also. Some solid handles were also replaced with wire at this stage.

PBG - 030 1024

And I primed a solid green base colour on the two vehicles that will have the “std” late and “dot” factory camouflage. Because I brush paint, the “Disc” camo Panther will require a different approach and will have a plain “dunkelgelb” or tan/yellow base …

PBG - 040 1024


note : some pictures have been taken from available web sources and/or scanned from books and have only been posted in this topic to support the discussion . Should any pics by your own copyright and you wish them removed please contact me and I will do so.


7 comments on “LAH Kampfgruppe – wip1 Panthers

  1. Great to see you back on the internets Brent!
    Love these small-scale WIPs and really hoping you continue this one with more painting (disc camo in particular).
    The finished models look spectacular.

    • Thanks mate! Yeah I got waylaid with R/L again for a bit but the ship is back and steaming. And now I think I’ve got a system for doing the discs I’m definitely gonna paint some more …. to get better at it if nothing else!


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