LAH Ardennes Battlegroup – 20mm

Just an oldie as a space filler …..

I’m currently working on an Ardennes LAH vehicle project so thought an old project might make a nice inspirational space filler. It’s an LAH Ardennes themed Battlegroup with no historical specifics, just typical lateish war stuff. There’s a mix of manufacturers represented, Dragon, Hasegawa, Matchbox, Cromwell and Milicast, so it’s also broken the cardinal sin of mixing 1/76th with 1/72nd …. so smack my hand πŸ™‚


DragonΒ late JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70 (x2)
Dragon mid JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70
Dragon early JgPzIv 7.5cm L/48
Cromwell Tiger II (x2)
Matchbox Wespe (x2)
Milicast StugIIIG (x2)
Dragon 251/10D
Cromwell 251/1D (x3)
Crowmell 251/7D (Engineer)
Cromwell 251/8D (Ambulance)
Cromwell 251/9D 7.5cm SPG (x2)
Cromwell 251/16D (Flame)
Cromwell 251/17D Drilling
Cromwell Mobelwagen 3.7cm SPAA
Hasegawa Ostwind 3.7cm SPAA
Milicast Hetzer


LAH battlegroup  010


15 comments on “LAH Ardennes Battlegroup – 20mm

    • Awwww you’re making me blush πŸ™‚

      Seriously now though, lol, haven’t seen you around for ages, where’ve you been hiding matey? Busy master-minding all those superb Empress releases if I had to guess ……. anyway stay in touch.


      • Hah.
        Mainly moving to a new country – that tends to take up a fair bit of time (along with selling off 90% of my entire toy-soldier and model stash). Now in Malta and working on a bunch of new kits (amongst masterminding Empress releases of course). Tinkering with 20mm builds mainly … I have a nice little group all built up now and waiting for an airbrush session.

      • Wow, Maltas’ like one of those dream med locations …. wish I’d known you were selling your stash, oh those ABs ….. lol

        Sounds like you’re settled know if you are building again, hope the families all good, is your email addy the same?


      • Oh – don’t worry about the ABs … four cases of the things came over with me :-). Didn’t lose a single one of those! Still a great big box of Resin vehicles too, and a few kits still in storage back in the UK for some point in the future.

        Email addy is the same and the family have settled well. Only problem I’m really having is getting a reliable source for GW Black spray and Tamiya Primer as my usual places won’t ship abroad.

    • Thanks for the interest. Took me a bit to get a technique that’s repeatable, I’m thinking of digging out and posting some pics of my first stuff and sort of comparing it to now – should make an interesting difference I think …..

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