Comet and Firefly – Milicast 20mm

!/76th brit tankie goodness from Milicast …

A couple of oldies from my unfinished pile . . . . that might actually get finished soon!!! A34 Comet and Sherman IC Firefly. Usual great casting from Milicast, but the are resin and there’s some cleanup required plus I had to repair a bit of casting damage to the bottom rear track on the Firefly by replacing it with some spare track. Pretty basic stuff though. Final weathering and markings to go ….


M Firefly -w511

M Firefly -w522

M Comet -w53

M Comet -w52


4 comments on “Comet and Firefly – Milicast 20mm

    • There’s certainly most of the common stuff available and more common along with some unusual desert stuff (Itallian and French) mainly due to the Perrys desert push. The older 28mm stuff isn’t great but the newer stuff is better (ie the Warlord Plastics).

      The one thing that gets me in 28mm is the tracks. If Milicast, Cromwell and others can make and cast decent solid ones in 20mm why oh why do 28mm gaming model tracks always look like rubber bands …..

    • Thanks matey. I’m not sure on the Firefly shade to be honest but this Is the last of my GW Catachen base colour and I didn’t have enough yellow to add to it so it’ll be some sort of Humbrol equivalent next …..

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