Challenger 1 ODS – Cromwell Models 20mm finished

Calling it done for now …….

I’ve called finished on the Gulf War Challenger 1 for now. I tried to scratch build a commanders weapon station and it looked rubbish so until I can pick up a cheapy/damaged or parts donor kit (Trumpeter or Dragon), it’ll have to do without. Apart from that I’m pretty happy with the finish, brushed with GWs and Humbrols as usual with shading done in oils which seems to suit me at the moment. My brother did donate me some odourless solvent for oil paints and it’s helped smooth out and reduce the graininess you get when thinning oils a little which has sold me a little more. Dunno what the differences are between it and turps but for the lack of smell alone which makes enamels usable again its well worth it.

Anyway I found some markings which also cheered me up enough to finish it off. The big TAC numbers and theatre chevrons are actually 1/48th Gasoline decals which fit perfectly while the number plates and badges are from the spares box. It just needs a few FV432s and maybe a Scimitar or two to go with it ….


CH1 000 H 1400

CH1 w62 H 1400

CH1 001 H 1400

CH1 w72 H 1400

CH1 w82 H 1400

CH1 w80 H 1400

CH1 w76 H 1400

CH1 w86 1400 2


2 comments on “Challenger 1 ODS – Cromwell Models 20mm finished

  1. Looks brilliant! Really impressive. Yet to try oil paints myself, but I will keep the odourless thinner in mind. I do use enamels from time to time so it may be useful.

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