Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm finished

IS-4 finished ………

Well got another long suffering shelf-queen finished. Pretty happy with how the camo worked out in the end and even managed to chuck in an AB soviet crewman to finish things off. To recap its the Cromwell Models IS=4 with a few added bits, bore excavator, reworked DShK HMG, wire tank descent grab rails and some turret lifting eyes. Probably should have added a tow rope …. maybe later. As usual it’s brush painted using Humbrol enamels and GW acrylics. Lining and shading was done with WnN oils and there’s MIG pigments on the tracks and lower hull. Decals are from the spares box and are actually Gasoline and Tamiya 1/48th items.

Now to get an IS-7 or two …….


IS-4 w001 H 1400

IS-4 w65 H 1400

IS-4 w66 H 1400

IS-4 w68 H 1400

IS-4 w67 H 1400

IS-4 w86  1400

IS-4 w78  1400

IS-4 w74  1400

IS-4 w76  1400

IS-4 w80  1400


8 comments on “Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm finished

      • Hi Richard,

        from my notes it looks like I used either an old Humbrol paint, No175 – Hellgrau 76, or an old Space Wolf Grey. Both were on my bench at the time and are very similar in hue, with the GW colour being quite a light blueish grey unlike the grey they use now. I’ve had a quick look at GW equivalents and a colour from their drybrushing range, a blue/grey called “Stormfang” looks close. Given how small you’re painting it should work out ok ….. good luck!


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