Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm build log5

Progress with the shading and lining.

Pin washes lining the panels are finished on the M-ATVs and they’re now ready for weathering and final detailing. Instead of the normal acrylics this time I used old school Windsor and Newton oils thinned with standard turps. Apart from the drying time and odour they worked pretty well and will probably replace the acrylic wash mixes until I can source a replacement for GW Chestnut ink.


MATV 062

MATV 063

MATV 064

MATV 065

2 comments on “Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm build log5

  1. Looking good so far. I was a bit surprised when I saw the trooper at the frontwheel and assumed it beeing 1/35 but after a bit research on your blog found out these things are really that big… nothing heard about miniatuisation it seems 😉

    • Thanks for the interest. Yup the M-ATVs are definitely big! And they’re not the biggest MRAP vehicles, the Maxxpro is bigger again and then there’s the Buffalo and Mastiff (in British service), basically heavy truck tractor untis with armoured cabs and V shaped hulls.

      Seems that evolution to provide good mine protection has bred modern dinosaurs lol


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