M1A1 Abrams – Gasoline 1/48th – build log8

Painting progress ………

Well after much mixing of colours I’ve finally got a base colour I’m happy with and lightened it. Against all my better judgement I had no choice but to brush this one with Humbrol enamels as my beloved stocks of last gen GW acrylic are all but exhausted (in these colours anyway). Not that Humbrol is bad paint, it’s actually great quality and brushes very well, it’s just that you have to wait sooooooo long for it to dry and harden between putting on a layers. I’m used to putting on a colour layer and moving right on to the next step in the process. I either have to find some stocks of old GW on the web, find an alternative acrylic that behaves the same way and as well as old GW, or change / adjust my process. I knew this day was coming …… arghhhhhh lol

Despite that the paint angst I’m pretty happy with the shade and look. It’s lighter than the colour of the real vehicles to allow for the shading, weathering and filtering, plus I’m trying to copy the look of the Marine M1 posted back at the start of the build log. Another step I had to add was to seal the finish at this stage with matt varnish so that the weathering doesn’t effect or lift the base paint. With acrylics you can use enamel pin washes straight over without worrying but unless you seal enamel between steps the thinners will attack it and cause problems.

Anyway it’s on to the tracks, roadwheels and panel lining next ………… Oh and getting the M-ATVs to the same stage of the process.


m1a1 wp091

m1a1 wp092

m1a1 wp093

m1a1 wp094


3 comments on “M1A1 Abrams – Gasoline 1/48th – build log8

  1. Nice work so far despite the issues.

    I have been replacing my old GW paints with Coat d’Arms paints if they have a matching colour. they behave the same from my experience, but you can’t always get an exact colour match; and they are from the generation before the last, also.

    I have been slowly buying Foundry paints as well which are probably going to take over eventually, but that doesn’t help much in terms of colour matching, sorry!

    I went to a garage sale last week and found a whole pile of old old Citadel paints (with the Evil Sun on the bottle) most of which were still okay. It was a great find, but you can’t count on something like that, sadly.


    • Hey Kym,

      Yeah I have some Coat d’Arms here. To be honest I find they’re pretty close to the new GWs in texture, coverage and how they behave with drybrushing and washes. Not that they’re bad, more a comment on how I drybrush/stipple paint to be honest. Most acrylics tend to go chalky when worked hard, the last lot of GWs didn’t and were as smooth as silk when worked …..

      Tricky lol


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