M1A1 Abrams – Gasoline 1/48th – Fire Team build log6

Almost finished and ready for priming ………

Got the last of the major additions finished now with work completed on the commanders CWS and loaders LAGS. I’ve left both loose so they can be removed for painting and to put the last tiny details put on the LAGS, it needs weapon handles and thermal sight.

I added caps to the smoke dischargers by pushing on blobs of green stuff and shaping them, fitted a Blue Force Tracker GPS unit to the upper turret next to the gunners doghouse, attached spare roadwheels (kindly supplied by Gasoline) to the sides of the bustle rack and made straps for the jerry cans.

As mentioned the loaders M240 will probably get some more attention but apart from a rear mounted tow cable and the aerial package (there’s three more to add) that’s probably it and she’s finally ready for paint. It’s taken well over 40hrs so far and at a quick count I’ve added 400ish extra pieces of plastic and wire …. about 400 more than originally intended!!!



m1a1 wp071

m1a1 wp072

m1a1 wp073

m1a1 wp077

m1a1 wp078

A few closer shots of the recently added details. I’m pretty happy with the way the CWS turned out to be honest as I was pretty worried about having to scratchbuild it …..

m1a1 wp079 cu1

m1a1 wp079 cu2

m1a1 wp079 cu3

m1a1 wp079 cu4

2 comments on “M1A1 Abrams – Gasoline 1/48th – Fire Team build log6

    • Yeah so do I, even after all this work I want three now lol.

      Was speaking with Oliver of Gasoline and he’s got a few of their modern Solidio conversions on his list to remaster as full kits, The M2A2 Bradley, Marine AAVP7 and maybe the M109 ……. much coolness.

      pps just took pics after it was primed, will add some soonish …….

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