Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm build log2

Got most of the detail work done prior to base painting ……..

Finished off most of the detail work on the two M-ATVs and they’re now ready for priming. As usual (and mentioned in the previous log post) some stuff will get added after most of the paint work is completed, either the more fragile stuff like the wing mirrors or the things I’m likely to stick myself in the eye with like the aerials, these have 4 each.

So what have I added so far ?

lifting eyes on the lower hull sides and the upper rear of the cabin
support chains for the steps
front grill mesh
Rhino front mounted IED jammer
power supply boxes for the DUKE jamming system mounted on the rear cabin
rear access step ladder
mounting bracket for the spare wheel
hatch for the gunners O-GPK (Objective Gunner Protective Kit) turret
mounting brackets for the truck and turret wing mirrors
turret joystick slew controller
turret stowage rack
wiring for the aerials and low light TV drivers aid
Ibis Tek tow bar
coil springs and lower suspension arms (on 1 and undecided if I’ll do the back and the other vehicle yet)

Still to add …….

Aerials (4 per vehicle) and some wiring for them
Flexible cover for the Harris AN/PRC-152 SINCGARS radio (left rear)
tow shackles
emergency door pulls
tie straps for the Rhino and tow bar
side mesh for the rear stowage bins
various stowage bits to the rear bins

Anyways, priming tomorrow and on to assembling the Abrams and the rest of the British ……….


Group shot size comparison with an Empress M1A2 Bradley and airfix 1/48th Land Rover

MATV 030 1400

Build detail shots

MATV 031 1400

MATV 032 1400

MATV 035 1400

MATV 034

Detail close ups

MATV 038 cu 1200

MATV 037 cu 1000

MATV 039 cu 850


2 comments on “Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm build log2

  1. I love the extra details – they look fantastic. I’ll send the spare Empress Heads to you this week for the Crew. Vrrrrooooommm!

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