M10 GMC – Tamiya 1/48th

Tamiya 1/48th 3inch GMC M10, just finished and still warm …..

Actually it’s mostly true as I did just finish it. A nice quick build project finsihed just in time for my brother to take it with him to deliver it to a friend at the Salute 2014 show in London in April. In terms of a quick build if you’ve never tried a Tamiya 1/48th kits you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re no stress builds, practically shake n bake in an evening. This took about 4hours to assemble although I have done a few before …..

Painting took a little longer lol As usual though it’s brush painted with GW acyrlics over a Humbrol enamel base/primer. I added black camo as a bit of a change. Crew figs are from Gasoline and were fitted as supplied with no mods needed.


M10 header 1350

M10 001 1100

M10 002 1100

M10 004 1100

M10 005 1100

M10 003 1100

M10 006 1100

M10 cu 900

M10 crew


4 comments on “M10 GMC – Tamiya 1/48th

  1. Not long to Salute now! I just swanned around cosford looking at planes in the Cold War exhibition lot’s of fun. Tank appears safe in my bag so far!

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