Airfix Warrior – crew fitting1

My attempt at fitting crew figs to the Warrior …….

Following on from the fitting of the Jackal crew here are my modified Airfix crew figs for the Warrior. They’re made using a mix of figures from the Airfix Crew figure and Patrol sets plus a few bits from the spare box.

They are as follows ;

The track commander is a seated guy from the crew set. His right arm is from the crew set standing gunner.
The gunner is from the patrol set. His arms are from Bandai tank crew.
One standing trooper is stock from the patrol set.
The second standing guy is the gunner from the crew set. His right arm holding the Saw is from the patrol set and his left is his own arm but with an inverted Bandai hand supporting the mag.

I drilled and pinned the heads and filled any arm and head gaps with greenstuff. I had to re-build the arms where I had cut and modifed them and added pouches to the upper arms and body armour webbing to both of the turret figures. Not the best (my greenstuffing skills are naff) but once covered with paint they should look ok.

Warrior crew w015

Warrior crew w020

I’ve also carried out a bit of PIP (Product Improvement) on them. Fistly I scribed undercuts around the webbing and pouches, The Airfix plastic is soft (as is the detail) but easily worked with a little patience and no more difficult than working with any other figures. I added helmet mics and earpieces to the commander and gunner and had a go at adding the elastic turns ups often seen on the Brit helmets. Feeling adventurous I added the webbing foliage camo strips to the gunner for some variety. Worked out pretty well I think. I used thread tape (very thin) stuck down to a glass microscope plate. Then it was easy to cut the strips to size and add them with thin CA.

Warrior crew w030

Warrior crew  w032

Warrior crew  w033

Finally I added a couple of detail shots of how I added the wiring to the ECM/COMs platforms. I drilled into the bottom of the aerial mountings added passed the whole thing through the mounting hole. Then I fixed them with CA and once dry bent the wiring up into place and trimmed to fit …..

Aerial cu1

Aerial cu2


2 comments on “Airfix Warrior – crew fitting1

    • Thanks Guy!! I always think vehicles look better with crew … it’s just getting hold of decent ones thats the tricky part, and then they often cost as much as the vehicle!!


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