Fire Team – 28mm Modern Skirmish rules

Recently we dusted of some of our in-house rules sets . . .

and realised that it wouldn’t take much to bring them up to date as we’ve been using most of the rules mechanisms for quite some time and they play pretty smoothly. As with all out rules we’re always streamlining them but the overall concept is for them to play as a sort of amalgam of all the books we read, with the emphasis on “feeling” right for the period. With our interest (and about 1000hrs of U-Tube Afghanistan doco watching under our belts) we decided to tackle our Modern Skirmish rule set first – Fire Team.

* Note in due course our WW2 Skirmish, WW2 Company, Modern Company, Project ’46 Alternate War and Infected Survival Rules, Knights of the Sky WW1 Aero and Rodger Young (Sci-Fi Starship combat) will all be tarted up and hopefully made available for free / donation.

Soooo while my brother was ripping into some of the nice new Empress Miniatures 28mm modern figs my task was to tackle the vehicles and as one of the first I chose to build a USMC M1A1.

While we’re confessing things I’m also at a bit of a crossroads in deciding how to model it. I’m getting the impressive resin 1/48th Gasoline M1A2 kit. Now the only M1s in Afghanistan were the M1A1s of the Marine 1st Battalion. To depect one of these tanks properly I’d have to backdate the Gasoline kit, then partially upgrade it with selected TUSK1 components.

Further complication things is that we plan to make a HMMMWV unit later in the year. Given that it will be based on the Tamiya 1/48th kits and the upgrade armour and weapons turrets commonly seen on Afghanistan deployed vehicles aren’t available for them, it would make more sense to finish both the M1 and the Hummers as vehicles from the second Iraq War.

At the moment I’m undecided. I guess when the Abrams turns up (it’s on order at the moment) I’ll have a look at it and work out how much work is involved in converting it to the later USMC Afghanistan standard.


.My loose plan is to depict a heavily used vehicle and use it as a chance to go to town with contrasts and weathering. My reference pic below is this tasty looking USMC vehicle pictured from the Iraqi conflict though current Afghanistan deployed vehicles have been upgrade with newer equipment.
Some of the upgrades applied to the Abrams include SEP (Systems Enhancement Programme) and TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) which include the following components, a Thermal Imaging sight for the loader, CROWs remote weapons station for the tank commander, Armoured Gun shield for the loader, rear mounted Tank/Infantry telephone and an improved armour kit comprising reactive armour tiles and rear mounted slats. Recently DUKE anti IED jammers have also been fitted to the service fleet. Note I don’t intend to add all this stuff . . . . though I might . . . . add . . . . some . . . . .

OIF Abrams

Abrams Tusk upgrades

Well that’s all for now apart from waiting for the bits to arrive. Feel free to comment on the build once I get going and ask any questions which I’ll be glad to try and answer (except the dumb ones you’re thinking up Craig!)

Aka Queeg


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