Airfix 1/48th Warrior – build log 10

Detailing basically completed over the weekend ……..

Pretty much as the can says, added the final details. There’s still more I could do but have to draw the line somewhere.

And while we’re talking about detailing I thought it might be interesting to add a list of the additions made to the basic kit ;

From the Airfix PE set
Replaced the front and rear fenders,
Upper hull and rear air-con unit grills,
Turret vison blocks
Turret sight grills and window wipers
Driver hatch windows
Turret and upper hatch handles
Rear ecm/aerial plate mountings
Fire extinguisher clamps and frames
Front hull tool rack and fittings
Gun mantlet spent round ejection port cover
Gun mantlet mounting brackets (honestly no idea what they’re for lol)
Brackets on the headlight clusters used for fitting drivers mirrors
Headlight and taillight cluster brush guards

Scratch additons
Replace kit hatch handles with wire (20)
Added rain covers to driver hatch viewing ports
Turret spent round deflection plate
Turret lifting lugs (5)
Replaced all kit aerials with various sized wire
Added wiring to the rear mounted ECM/Sat nav/Bowman coms aerials
Fitted stowage rolls and made tie down straps and hooks
Added turret mounted side stowage box
Made a Kinetic tow rope (old IPod cable)
Added towing shackles (none supplied with the kit)
Thinned the slat armour with scalpel and file (not really an addition but loads of work)
Fitted RHS drivers aid/width indicator pole
Added detailling to the front mounted IED jammers.
Thinned (didn’t replace with PE as its too thin) the three wire cutter/deflector bars

Lol … I think that’s about it ……..


Warrior w090  1100

Warrior w091  1100

Warrior w092  1100

Warrior w093  1100

Warrior w094  1100


4 comments on “Airfix 1/48th Warrior – build log 10

  1. Just to nit pick, the rear top hatch cannot be opened with the turret bar armour fitted, bit naughty for an emergency hatch. The bar armour has to be unbolted first. Also the sections of the hull bar armour fit much closer together, as they were worn by removal and replacement bolts were used to pull them back together with a small spacer.

    You mention the drive wheel spares, these were fitted between the hull and bar armour forward and most definitely were unauthorised as they negated the whole point of the bar armour at that point, an RPG would hit the spare wheel and transmit the shock. spare track links though were common and mounted on the front and served the additional purpose of making the tow rope nice and tidy.

    Apart from those little points a superb representation of my favourite ride.

    (Post Hijacked by my eldest: L/Cpl REME, two tours on Herrick with Warriors both in the field and repair bases. Between us we are plotting the REME repair and recovery variant from this kit)

    • Thanks very much for the interest and taking time to comment – and definitely not nit-picking, really good stuff to know. I’ve got two more of these to build, hoping to get started in a couple of months after I’ve cleared some stuff off the workbench. I didn’t even think about the clearance with the turret BAR and the top hatch …..

      As for the BAR armour gaps, yeah the slats are the worst feature of the kit. If it was a comp model or display I might have tried to scratch/replace the lot but in the end I opted to keep the kit mountings and just tried thinning the gaps. It’s sturdy enough to game with but there’s a detail trade off. I keep hoping someone will make some PE or lazer etched armour …. that’d solve the gap issue too.

      I’d love to see your REME version when you build it. My dad was a mechanic in the REME and I got a bug for engineering vehicles from him.


      • Hi Brent,

        I love this mini-guide! I am about to start making my own one, I actually commanded one in Afghan…the exact one from the model…the decal is the All seeing Eye of the Guards Armoured Division! RIDICULOUS!

        So I was wondering if I could message you somehow and possibly get some more tips?
        I have no idea how this works!

        Any help would be great



      • Hey Ollie,

        great to hear from you, wish I’d had access to someone with some first hand knowledge when I built this. I’ve got another couple here to build still, was going to paint one of the early issues with the green underneath and a very worn yellow top coat and also try to backdate one to the ODS version with just the side armour plates and maybe a what-if BATUS scheme. Anyway if you contact me at I’d be happy to try and help ….


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