251/8 Krankenpanzerwagen – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

This is the first of a series of revisits to some of my older completed stuff ……

One of the original ideas behind posting my older stuff was for me to have another back up somewhere, after suffering through a loss of data a while back there’s a little voice that keeps reminding me to look after what I managed to recover.

Anyway here’s the first one, a 251/8 Ambulance from the Crowmell Combat Ready range.


251 group 11

251 group 10

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p05

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p03

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p04

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p02

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p01


2 comments on “251/8 Krankenpanzerwagen – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

  1. I have a folder on my computer called Nice models. In that folder I have a “back-up of several of your older pictures. I use it when I need inspiration 🙂 Tell me if you want me to send them to you!

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