Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 8

Made a start on fitting the slat armour ……

I decided to try and scratch build the rear panel as I need the practise (my scratch skills are average) and to see how long it would take and thus if scratching the whole lot was practical.

Using the kit part as a guide it was a basic if time-consuming process. First I cut the outer frame and drilled and fitted the three-wire upright supports. Then cut and drilled the slats, fitting them down over the wires and superglued them in place.

If I’d made a jig to cut things square and to the same length it would have been even easier but I wanted to see the result first. To make matters harder I broke the drill of choice and had to use a slightly larger one for the holes in the slats, this made if a nightmare to get them secured with glue. Possibly my superglue is past it’s best also and takes a while to set off. Anyway all done and about 2hours work. It would be less with a jig but it’s still tedious and a mental strain.

I think it looks good (read – more in scale) and I managed to replicate the ragged look most slats carry after a little service. I’d definitely do all of it this way if the Warrior was going on a diorama base or in a comp for its hero factor, but for gaming and my sanity I went back to hand thinning the kit pieces with a scalpel and file.


Warrior w070 1250
Warrior slat cu1
Warrior w068 1100
Warrior w069 1100

And with one side fitted ……..
Warrior w067 1250
Warrior w065 1250
Warrior w066 1250


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