Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 7

Big update this, worked on the Warrior all day for the first time this week as unfortunately we’ve had a family bereavment to start 2014 off with …… (thinking of you Gary)

Anyway laid on the base coat and lightened it. Put on the initial pin washes and some shading. Kept it minimal at this stage as I’ll wait for the slat armour to go on before I can get a decent feel for how the whole thing ties together. I still might yet add a filter to change the overall base colour shade a little which is still bothering me, not sure.

This has also been a departure for me as the base colours were Humbrol Enamel this time instead of GW acrylics. I’ve still used acrylic in places for detialing but my stock of the old style GWs is dwindling fast and the new paint is shite compared to the old stuff. It has the consistancy of housepaint and I just can’t get a feel for it yet, not on tanks anyway.

I also sealed the base enamel with varnish and have used old school oils for the pin washes. Again mostly because my stock of GW Chestnut Ink has almost run out and I’m trying to settle on alternatives that match my painting style ….. Yoda forsees much trickiness and gnashing of teeth ahead …….


Pin washed and ready for the slat armour to go on ….
Warrior w061 1250
Warrior w062 1250
Warrior w063 1250
Warrior w064 1250

Base coat and hightlighting completed …….
Warrior w050 grp 1250
Warrior w056 1350
Warrior w058 1350
Warrior w060 1350


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