Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 5

Getting closer to painting ……..

Almost all the PE is on now. Got to add the turret hatches (the filler on the ejector pin holes, which were huge, is still drying) and to make and fit the grab handles, about 20 in all. Some of the PE won’t be able to go on until after painting, the headlight, tail ight and turret IR sensor bin brush guards will all have to wait. Also glass has to be be added to the turret crew add on armour last after final varnishing.

Same goes for the the ECM and sat nav package aerials. They will get in the way of handling during painting so they’ll also be a late addition. I’m also not even sure if I’ll be able to mount them sercurely to the PE plates yet so might have to revert to the kit platic offerings yet, we’ll see ……


Warrior w036

Warrior w037

Warrior w038

Warrior w039

Warrior w040

Slat Armour

I attempted to thin down the kit plastic slat armour a little also. Managed to get it clsoe to half the thickness of the original. Still way overscale but a bit better at least. It would have been nice if the Airfix PE set had included slats or even if they had made it available as an additional PE set …..

Warrior w041 slat armour


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