Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 4

It’s starting to look like a Warrior now ….

Cut out the hole for the top PE vent and added the top deck grills. Finally attached the upper hull permantly then added the the side armour and fitted the ECM and nav suite electrical cables. No issues with this stage as the fit of parts overall is very good.

One PE grill, the one immediately in front of the turret on the left upper hull, didn’t quite fit as it’s supplied angles didn’t quite match the plastic vent. I just filled the small gaps with thin CA. Fingers crossed this part stays attached during painting as it small and doesn’t have a lot of contact area. Fishing it out of the hull with it buttoned up will be a mission. If I’d thought about I could have blocked off the underside of the vent with plasticard ……..


Warrior w0315

Warrior w032

Warrior w033

Warrior w034

Warrior w035 cu1

Warrior w035 cu2


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