Krupp 12.8cm L/55 PaK44 (Panzerabwehrkanone) – Cromwell Models

Always thought this was one of the best looking AT guns ever made …..

Krupp Pak44

Another model I’ve had waiting to be finished for too long. A little more delicate than the simpler resin tanks this needs carefule clean up and assembly to ensure everythings straight and level.

There was a problem with the the hydraulic recoil buffers being being a little too short to line up with the top and bottom mountings. I’m not sure if this was something I did or a feature or it being a pre-release moulding (I’ve had it a while – the shame!). Anyway I added some rod and it was a pretty easy fix – just something to watch for.

Anyway after a little extra detailing, I added wheel jack handles, botton trunnion plates, shield stays amd a few linkages to the gun sight, it’s ready for it’s final weathering ……..


12-8cm Pak44 r1

Buffer problems and fix

PaK44 buffer
PaK44 buffer extension2

Assembled and basecoated

PaK44 w13
PaK44 w11
PaK44 w20PaK44 w21

Base camouflage added

PaK44 w040
PaK44 w041
PaK44 w042

Extra detailing

PaK44 w045
PaK44 w046
PaK44 w047

Part two of the build/paint is here ……


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