Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 3

Almost finised ….

Assembled and prepainted the interior today. I kept it pretty simple as the rear door will be closed and with only the top infantry fighting hatch to look through you can’t see much inside anyway. It’s was pretty hard to find interior pics so in the end I went with colours of an earlier Batus machine pictured on Primeportal. All the interior appears to be base coated in Nato (British) green with electrical boxes and elcectronics being a mix of black and white. There appears to be foam cladding on the roof and around the central turret drive mechanism box, in some ref pics this is cream coloured and on other vehicles it appears very pale blue. The walls also have light blue panels attached over the green framework.

I added the PE checker plate floor but left the other interior details off as none of it can be seen. One mod I did do was to convert the single seat on the left hand side into what it actually is ….. a combat khazi or loo.

The turret interior was also painted in green as per the ref pics. I didn’t add any of the missing radios and sighting gear as I intend to add crew into the hatches at a later date and it will largely be invisable.

Got a little more PE to add then I can button up the top hull and it’s almost ready for paint.


modukr  warrior int1
modukr  warrior int2

Warrior w029 1100
Warrior w030 1100
Warrior w031 1100


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