Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 1

Can’t get more wippy than this … just opened the box!

Had a xmas care package arrive today, the Airfix Warrior and PE upgrade set.

The Warrior has the new TES(H) (Theater Entry Standard – Herric) improvement kit fitted, the most obvious feature of which is the “slat” armour to us laymen.

And the kit ……. 7 crisply moulded sprues and a very small but adequate decal sheet. The tracks are link and length and acceptable but the slat armour is a little overscale. Not any of Airfix’s fault, more a factor of the limits of moulding in this scale. PE slat armour is bound to surface soon but I’m not waiting as this is a straight box build to see how well she scrubs up for wargaming. No crew is provided, you’re expected to pick up one of Airfix’s crew sets but some specificically posed armoured crews would have been appreciated. Hatches and rear door can all be left open and there is a basic interior, a pleasent surprise as I hadn’t read about that. Anyway should be an interesting build ……. (that’s secret code for other stuff can wait as I’m ripping into this as a feel good xmas pressie to myself)


Airfix Warrior box 1200px

Airfix Warrior sprue set1 1200px

Airfix Warrior sprue set2 1200px


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