Project ’46 Saracen FV603c British APC – JB Models 1/76th

An oldie which needs a little updating which it will get as finish the platoon later this year.

At present this is the APC our Project ’46 Brits use in the Armoured Infantry Battalion which is directly attached to each Armoured Brigade. In this case it’s from the 8th Motor Battalion – The Rifle Brigade.

I’ve current got enough Saracens to have 4 APCs (1 a platoon commnad vehicle), a 120mm mortar and a company command APC. The plan is to make the platoon commanders vehicle a FV604 ACV with the roof mounted stowage bins and to convert at least one apc to a .50cal larger turret version. The company commander will ride in a converted RA command post FV610, the version with the tall extended roof. At some stage I’d like to add at least another mortar carrier and an RCL mounted antitank support version to the unit.

As mentioned it needs some tidying up with the main issue to fix up being the oversize aerials ….


Saracen APC header 1300px

Saracen 052 1000px
Saracen 054 1000px
Saracen 055 1000px
Saracen 051 1000px
Saracen 050 1000px
Saracen 053 1000px
Saracen 057 1000px
Saracen 058 1000px
Saracen 059 1000px

The unit so far …….

Saracen plt w030 - 1000


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