Project ’46 E-75 mit 12.8cm KwK80 L/55 – Cromwell Models Combat72

Finally finished this yesterday after progress has slowed a bit due to some family stuff.

Destined for our Project ’46 wargaming collection this is an E-75 12.8cm from the Cromwell Models Combat72 range. I’ve added a few extra details cause that’s what I like to do and which include;

– gun cleaning rod tube
– jack and wooden jack block
– track guard hull bolt mounts
– aerials for the FuG8 and FuG5 radios
– gun manlet armoured cover
– gun mantlet lifting block
– pioneer tools (axe, sledge hammer, fire extinguisher and pry bar)
– IR solution B suite (commander/gunners slaved viewer and projector plus drivers unit)
– engine deck ventilation screens
– turret mounted temporary foliage mounting kit (studs and fixing wires)
– tow cables and towing eyes
– rear mounted IR slave battery box

Anyway, now on to the next couple …… the Grille30 and the PaK44.


E-75 header 000 px1200

E-75 071 1100
E-75 072 1100
E-75 074 1100
E-75 073 1100
E-75 075 1200
E-75 077 1400
E-75 075  1400

E-75 080 cu

E-75 075cu


3 comments on “Project ’46 E-75 mit 12.8cm KwK80 L/55 – Cromwell Models Combat72

  1. That paint and weathering job is outstanding. Love the red muted colors. Would love to see a short tutorial or just a quick run thought of what colors and techniques you used.

    Super inspiring!

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