Airfix 1/48th Land Rover Snatch – wip2

More progress with the Land Rover …..

Primed as normal with rattlecan Tamiya Enamel (XF-3) and basecoated with my current Desert British acrylic paint mix.
Lightened it by adding a little tan and white to the desert yellow and blending the up surfaces and centres of panels.

Looked up the internets for references. There aren’t alot but enough to get siome idea of possible variations in the colours of wheel guards, front grill, window surrounds and small parts. All in service photos show attached Barracude camo netting on the main body and doors but like zimmeritt on most WW2 german tanks kits, you’ll have to add your own (i’m not going to on this build).

It’ll get shading, weathering and decals before adding the window glass …. which has to be masked off before matt varnishing.


Snatch 020
Snatch 031
Snatch 040
Snatch 041

And like magic … it got shading, decals, light fading and dusting. Also added the aerial and ECM suite.
Finally sprayed with matt varnish and then fitted the glass which got a light dusting.
Finished and ready for some decent pics ……

Snatch 060
Snatch 061


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