Airfix 1/48th Land Rover Snatch – wip1

Built up most of the Land Rover Snatch today. The roof and doors will be left off until the interior has been painted and detailed with the glass going in last.

Pretty nice build and no issues apart from a bit of flash to clean up. This was the first kit Airfix released in the Operation Herric series and the mould is already starting to show a little wear resulting in the flash.

However this is still a very tidy little kit and I’m surprised it hasn’t made more of an impact with modellers. It’s a great base for extra detailling, perhaps it’s only the lack of aftermarket 1/48th figures that is holding it back. It has optional open rear, side doors and bonnet with a reasonable engine to display and some rear compartment interior detail.


Snatch 010
Snatch 012
Snatch 014
Snatch 016
Snatch 018


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