M2A2 Bradley IFV – 1/50th Empress Miniatures

Finally finished this up today …… the 28mm Empress Miniatures (ex Imprint Models) Bradley.

Ok the actual scale is 1/50th, probably chosen by teh manufacturer to fit in the the diecast gaming vehicles of Solido and Dinky. But as it’s in between 1/46th and 1/56th its usable with figures and vehicles of both scales.

A few extra details were added (wip pics in an earlier post) and it took me some time to get the colour right as this is my first large scale US modern. While still missing a few things and being a little soft on detail in places it still scrubbed up quite well and looks superb on the gaming table. Also gotta admit that the more moderns I do the more I enjoy them. Probably a large touch of nostalgia as our first 2 complete wargame armies were ’90s GHQ modern micro armour, US and Warpact. Geee I wish we still had those ……..

Anyway brush painted with GW acrylics over enamel primer as usual. Decals came from a 1/35th Academy M113 (danger – mini rant – wish manufacturers of gaming vehicles would stock/supply decals for their vehicles). Troops are modern Kiwis from the Skirmish Sangin range, not painted by me unfortunately, I just have them on hand to take pics of them for their website.

As an aside I’m just about to start a stash of Airfix British modern vehicles for the owner of the Bradley who’s gonna be using all this stuff with our tidied-up (ie spelling mistakes fixed and coffee stained pages reprinted) in-house Fire Team Skirmish rules. So more moderns on the way ……….


EMP Bradley - 000 1250px

Empress M3A2 Bradley - 10 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 11 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 12 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 13 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 14 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 15 1100px


2 comments on “M2A2 Bradley IFV – 1/50th Empress Miniatures

  1. It looks really great. I am totally jealous of Mike’s Bradley.Though I wish their was a 1/48th kit version like the new Airfix Warrior. Can’t wait to see the rest and especially the finished Scimitar. I can send through some of the Brits from the Sangin Rulebook for a photo shoot if you like?

    • Yeah I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. Good idea on the Brit inf for pics with the Scimitar and your Jackel. See Blackdog do an etched set for it …. we need stowage too ……anyway here’s hoping Airfix do a Challenger next!

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