Airfix 1/48th Supercat HMT400 Jackal – wip1

Started production of the Airfix moderns on my to do list today.
Didn’t really intend to build one, just make a start. That was the plan ………

Anyway it started going together easily so I pressed on. 3 and a half hours later I had a 90% finished Jackel. The front bumper/cabin and rear aerial mount are removeable for painting (and to properly fit the crew which must be done before fitting the roll cage) and I wont add the weapons either until it’s finished.

So basically 1 down and 3 to go.

As for the build itself, it started easily. the Airfix plastic is soft whcih makes it easy to remove the fine parts without breakage (unlike Dragons fine parts which snap while looking at them) and there’s no flash on the mouldings. There’s a lot of fairly fine parts though so if you want any of these kits get some and stash em away now, as when the moulds wear a little any flash will make them a bear to clean up. There are some ejector pin holes too, but they are reasonably fine and easy to remove, the hardest part is remembering to chack for them.

As the build got to the rear of the vehicle things got more tricky. Some of the parts require careful alignment and checking to get everything squared up. Not hard but it’s not a kit for a complete beginner either …..

Easy to work plastic, crisp moulding with no flash. Pretty good detail as supplied, Really looks the part.

Fit a little vague in places esp when fitting the rear half of the vehicle, a few fine parts to be careful with, moulded on net is stupid looking, weapons are ok at best and some ammo boxes have sink marks, no stowage provided.


Airfix Moderns - wip000Airfix Jackel1 w010
Airfix Jackel1 w011
Airfix Jackel1 w012
Airfix Jackel1 w013
Airfix Jackel1 w021
Airfix Jackel1 w022
Airfix Jackel1 w023


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