Project ’46 wip – Entwicklung E-75 12.8cm Heavy Tank “TigerIII”

I’m currently working through some long term wips including a couple of my 20mm Project ’46 tanks.
Been making pretty good progess on my Cromwell Models E-75. It didn’t start too well though as I’ve repainted it a couple fo times as firstly the camo went wrong and secondly I wasn’t happy with the colours I used for the red-oxide.

Not happy with it I put it to one side and the other day I accidentally came across some pics of a 1/35th E-75 by Adam Wilder.
So I went back to basics got the base colour right and went from there ….

It’s now about 3/4 done I guess. I’m waiting for some superfine drills to be delivered as I broke my last one. Then I can add the power cables for the IR viewers and some foliage attachment studs and wiring to the turret. Some markings, weathering and pigments and then its ready for the table ……


E-75 128mm w60 1100
E-75 128mm w61 1100
E-75 128mm w62 1100
E-75 128mm w63 1100
E-75 128mm w64 1100

E-75 128mm w66 cu900

Some of the wip pics ….. as you can see I had to add a few details (couldn’t help myself lol).

German E-75 r1

E-75 128mm w31 900
E-75 128mm w51 900
E-75 128mm w52 900
E-75 128mm w53 900


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