Warlord Games 1/56th Cromwell MkIV

Recently finished wargaming vehicle, a 1/56th resin and white metal Cromwell MkIV from Warlord Games.

Pretty straightforward build (theres only 14 parts) although I did have to dremel some material out from inside the tracks guards. It was way too high as supplied so removed material to get the tracks up inside the guards and it sitting closer to the height show in photos and profile drawings.

It’s brush painted as usual, undercoat being Humbrol green and the finshing coats and weathering done with GW acrylics.
I hand painted the allied stars but robbed a Tamiya Cromwell for the tac codes and unit markings. I do wish wargaming kits would come with decals included ……. worthwile paying a few extra bucks for as you have to source them from elsewhere and pay anyway!


WG Crowmell 000 1100

Wg cr210 1000
Wg cr212 1000
Wg cr213 1000
Wg cr214 1000
Wg cr215 1000

And a few wips ………..

WG Cromwell w010
WG Cromwell w040
WG Cromwell w060
WG Cromwell w070


5 comments on “Warlord Games 1/56th Cromwell MkIV

    • Yup just rolled off the boat 5 days before and only 5 careful owners …. proof no chipping!

      I really do need to sort out a permanent lighting booth though – save all this f-ing around trying to get good pics all the time.

  1. What humbrol green did you use? also, what colors and how much thinner did u use for the wash? its a superb look and i really wanna try the scheme on the airfix model

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