Car Wars – Post Apocalyptic Vehiclular Mayhem

Woot! Stumbled across our old Car Wars vehicles in an old dusty box in the roof space the other day. Brought back memories of when gaming was just innocent fun, something we’ve been searching and struggling to re-create for some time now. The cars were made out of clay. Cheap and not the sturdiest, but if they broke u could easily make more! We had a large stash of sculpture clay at our disposal and not being able to afford anything better we went with it. Now I’d probably use FIMO or similar to make them, something you could bake harden for extra durability. A lot of the cars in the shot are themed around New Zealand Speedway Stock Cars and we had heaps of fun with them, racing at NZADA santioned autoduel events at the Ozark raceway.


Carwars header1 1200px


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