T29E2 Super Heavy Tank – Project 46′ 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

Another from our Project 46′ collection, this time a bit of allied heavy firepower, a T29E3 from Cromwell Models. Concieved in 1944 the T29 heavy tank was proposed to provide overwatch fire to the T26 mediums and as a direct counter the German and Soviet super heavy project tanks. The T29E3 variant fitted the 105mm T5E1 main gun and used the massive 274cm T31E1 rangefinder.

I finished this a while back but as usual is it ever finished? Well, no lol. I still have to add crew and some small details such as brush guards for the periscopes and lights. It’s intended to be part of a rapid deployment Marine Task Force and will have modified LVTs attached as APCs. Ok, I admit I’m not sure exactly how rapidly a 70t heavy battle tank could be deployed but I’m sure if the situation was desperate enough ways would be found ……..


T29E3 Header 1200px
T29E3 h2 1200
T29E3 w97s 1100
T29E3 w94s 1100
T29E3  1100px1
T29E3 w985s 900
cu T29E3 w984CU 800
cu T29E3 w986s 800

Wips and progress shots ………

T29s w64s 900
T29s w234s 900
T29s w122s 900

Resin kit as supplied ………..

US T29E3 Heavy Tank r1 900


6 comments on “T29E2 Super Heavy Tank – Project 46′ 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

  1. Looking good man – love the last few posts!!!! Its hard to concentrate on any one period when you put up a lot of eye candy 😉 Anyway hope its warmer than it is here in Boston!

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