Airco DH2 – 1/48th Smer WW1 Airwargaming / Pulp and Victorian Sci-fi

Introducing Major Willy Handcock and his trusty DH2 “Saucy Sally the 3rd”. Victor of 10 aerial jousts, survivor of multiple landing accidents, Hero of the Croydon Ladies Speed Crochet Club and holder of the highly coveted award “Largest Naturally Grown Radish” at the annual Hampton Downs Spring Fete.

It’s an El-Cheapo Smer 1/48th Airco DH2 with Copplestone 28mm pilot built for a bit of fun “pulp style” airwargaming, using our own “Knights of the Sky” rule set.


Airco DH2 test4
dh2-04 1200
dh2-02 1200
dh2-05 1200
dh2-06 1200
dh2-07 1200
dh2-03 1200

And as usual a few wip shots, just to prove that I didn’t buy it at Woolworths.

DH2 w-1
DH2 w-4


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