Tiger 1 – 1/48th Skybow (now AFV Club) “Late” Tiger 1

A real oldie here, but I’m reprocessing some pics as a little self inspiration for a bit of a cunning 1/48th Tiger project I hope to start later this year.

Anyway until then here’s the 1/48th late Tiger1 by Skybow, now manufactured and sold by AFV Club. Really a great kit, easy to assemble and with plenty of detail, when it was originally released it was one of the best of the “new” 1/48th kits and even now holds up very well.

Looking at it now there’s things I’d do differently finish wise. Certainly I’d either replace the band tracks, which were the kits only real weak point, or certainly do a better job of mounting them. I’ve adapted/improved the way I fix my tracks now and I was cutting new ground when I built this. Also the overall wash is a little dark for my tastes now. Certainly there’s a current modelling trend to have more contrast and the lighter areas would be more apparent with the techniques I use now.

Anyway, enough blathering, on with the pics already ……


48Tiger1 Main-1 1200
tiger lf1 1200
tiger rf1 1200
tiger lftop1 1200
tiger lf2 1200
tiger lftop2 1200tiger rf2 1200
tiger rr1 1200
rear deck cu1

And a few wip pics …….

wip camo12 900
wip camo17 900
wip filter23 900
0091 Chipping front 1 800
0092 Chipping rear 1 800
wip pigments5 900
wip tracks 5

Project ?????
Milicast Tiger1s - group1200px


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