Marder III Panzerjager 38(t) 7.62cm(r) – Tamiya 1/48th

Another piece bound for the wargaming table, not ours lol as it’s well on it’s way to it’s new owner. Anyway it’s Tamiya 1/48th early MarderIII fitted with the captured Soviet ZiS-3 76.2mm AT gun. A straight OOB build, a really well detailed and easy to assemble kit. Finished with …. yes … the same as all my other stuff, brush painted GW acyrlics over an enamel base coat.


MarderIII lf01
MarderIII rf02
MarderIII kf03
MarderIII rr04

And a few “wip” pics …..

The base is first sprayed with Tamiya rattlecan yellow. Then it’s brybrushed overall with GW desert yellow (almost a perfect match for Humbrol 83 which is on of the best “Dunkelgelb” shades imo). Panels and edges are lightened with white progressively added to the yellow.

Base camo is stippled on and lightly blended. Tracks and details blocked in.

From then on it’s basic weathering, pin washes, some post shading with thinned GWs and rain streaking. Next is chipping, and decals. I brush on Humbrol gloss where the decals are to go, fit them when dry then the gloss gets toned out when the matt varnish is sprayed on at the last step.

Finally it’s pigments for lower hull and tracks and then spray can varnish.



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