World of Tanks – Project ’46 20mm Cromwell models US Super Heavy T29

Hahahahaaaaaaaa ……. I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery!!!

Was giving the googlfu a run out the other day looking for a picture of the T29 engine decking in the images section. Of course now days if you search for any sort of tank info you get about 1 real entry and spammed with 100 World of Tanks entries.

So giving in to temptation, in due course I clicked on a link for the T29. Imagine my surprise when instead of being redirected to Japanese manga porn (like I was secretely hoping for), I stumbled across a pic that looked suspiciously like a colour scheme I put on one of my Cromwell T29s a few years ago. In fact I’d say it’s pretty much an exact copy! Woot! I’m famous ….. guess I should finish the T29 though as it’s still languishing on the shelf as a wip …. šŸ™‚


My Original T29

US Super Heavies
US T29

The World of Tanks skin copy

Queeg wot t30 skin 1200
Queeg wot t30 skin 2 1200


4 comments on “World of Tanks – Project ’46 20mm Cromwell models US Super Heavy T29

      • Great work too, it looks superb stalking through the grass šŸ™‚ In actual fact the skin is better than the model, which I’m ashamed to say still isn’t finished. Not my fault as I got side-tracked, again, and again and ….

        I don’t have a T28 yet in War Thunder (actually I’ve only just started the US tank Tree), when I do I’m adding this skin …….!


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