TigerII Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 conversion

An oldie but a goodie. Thought I’d post this up for inspiration as I’m using it as a basis for my 1/48th version currently under construction. It represents an interim version of Tiger development utilising a stereoscopic rangefinder and limited nightfighting capability. It’s a 1/72nd conversion of the Dragon TigerII and uses Milicast supplied IR gear.


TigerIID main-1 1200
TigerIID 02 1200
TigerIID 03 1200
TigerIID 04 1200
TigerIID 05 1200TigerIID 07 1200
TigerIID 06 1200

And heres a few project wips just to show what the brush painting looks like before the weathering processes. There’s also a pic of the ill fated Tiger bridglayer which I’ll get around to building again at some stage ….

T2 wip1
T2D wip2
Tiger B-Lager -4
T2D wip3


4 comments on “TigerII Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 conversion

    • Brent, I like the look of that “bruckentiger” or whatever it would be in German. Do you have more photos of it to share? Thanks, George

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