Tiger II Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 1/48 Tamiya conversion

Current wip of my 1/48th version of the TigerIID. Added details include MR-Models IR System – drivers and commander/gunners slaved IR sight and rear battery box, tool clamps, tow cable mounts, additional armoured radio pod for the Panzerbefehlswagen (command tank) upgrade, turret track mounts (early 2 link track), rear engine decking splinter armour, fuel tank breathers/overflow pipes, turret hatch handles and pistol port chain, exhaust flammenvernichters and top mounted deflectors. I also added a gun breach from an old Bandai Elefant, pretty rough and just something to see through the hatch. If I’d had access to some 88 shells I’d have knocked up some racks to fill the rear of the turret. Anyway it now awaits it’s camo ……


T2D 48w10 1100
T2D 48w14 1100
T2D 48w13 1100
T2D 48w15 1100T2D 48w16 1100
T2D 48w17 1100


2 comments on “Tiger II Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 1/48 Tamiya conversion

  1. So when are we going to see some of this stuff on a wargaming table?! Would love to see those Tiger IIs up against some Pershings or even some Pattons!

    Great stuff,

    • Hahaha ….. yeah, they’re defiately spending too much time sitting on the shelves. We were planning a demo game at a convention later this year but I’ve got too much customer stuff to do to get enough of our own vehicles finished in time …..

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