Terminators – 40k Deathwing

Yes, Heresy you cry! Blasphemy you shout! Old school metal Terminators! sPACE mARINES ™ in Tactiacal Dreanought Armour! Some of the good things to come out of the evil empire were the metal Terminators and Space Hulk game. Just posting these cause I like em ….. and it makes a change to show some figures intsead of all that armour πŸ™‚


DW terms f2 1200
DW terms f1 1200
DW terms f5 900px
DW terms f4 900px
DW terms f8 900px
SIG-term1 900px
SIG-term2 900px
Y Terms 1 900px
Y Terms 2 900
Y Terms 3 900px


3 comments on “Terminators – 40k Deathwing

    • Thank You! The old metals are still my most favourite Termintors, they are the only ones to look like a man in a heavy suit as opposed to the newer toy like editions. Just my opinion too of course but then I’m a bit old fashioned lol

      I’ve got some of the newer ones to finish this year so it’ll be interesting to compare them ….


  1. The colours are spot on, definitely the best Deathwing I’ve seen! What colours and method did you use on the armour?
    Great paint job!


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