Trainspotting – Workbench Chaos

Time for a little trainspotting game …. who can identify the kits hidden in this picture? WARNING, parental guidance, an anorak and history of glue sniffing is required to complete this test. God I really neeeeeed to have a clean up!


workbench feb013-2

By houseofqueeg Posted in General

3 comments on “Trainspotting – Workbench Chaos

  1. Some unfinished AMTRAC model, 251, Panther F, King Tiger, Dual Flak on a Porsh Tiger chassis and a Jackson or Chaffee. You then got some Weird WWII panzers done along with a Pz III, 222, 250?, King Tiger, M4 model, Land Raider, Razorback and what looks to be a German Folker D VII. All within the 1/35-1/48 scales I would guess.

    My guess off the top of my head,

  2. Very close …. : ))))
    I’ll leave it a bit before listing all the junk hidden in there and see if anyone else bites. We could play “Spot the Space Marine” but I might get sued by GW ……

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