Cold War 20mm US armor

A rush project for my brother, well mostly anyway : ))) Some 1/72nd cold war US armor, Hasegawa M1A1, Revell Bradley M2A2, ACE Lav-ITV and a couple of Italeri M113A1 ACAVs. I’d like to pick up a couple more Abrams and some M113 ITV’s at some stage for a Team Yankee themed battlegroup, so they’ll be finished as lateish ’80s Reforger type vehicles …. now to find some decent crews …. and some opposition.



4 comments on “Cold War 20mm US armor

  1. Yeah a “Starship” would be awesome, and a Sheridan or 2, Nam M48s …. and on and on ….. I’ve dug out my old WRG ’50 – 80 orbats. Need some good inf though and vehicle crews ….

  2. Hi Brent, these are looking good, have you used referances for the M113 with the lowered trim vain? if you have a picture I would loe to see it, I was a driver, then a crew commander in a M113 for about 4 years in the Australian army, and have never seen an M113 travelling with the trim vain lowered (exept for water ops of coarse) I’ve never even heard of it being done. Not that its impossible to do, just unusual, it would be easily damaged travelling accross country and also impede the vision of the driver some what.

    • Hey matey, way cool!!! And yeah, I ran across a couple with the trim vain being used for stowage but all from the same unit I think, 9th Infantry. I’ll hunt for it …. cheers

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