M113 reference pics

A pic or two for Danl …… M113’s with the trim vanes extended and being used for stowage, these are the best I have but I do have others also. Out of interest on my M113s I chucked on a couple of other common US battlefield mods too. Forward facing exhausts which were used to keep the rear compartment clear of fumes when running with it open and with a smoke grenade tied to it or placed in it, it was used to pop smoke in dense bush. Added road wheels as applique armour but more interestingly specifically over the gas tank on the left rear hull, reading a bit I found that the left mounted gas tank was one reason for commonly mounting RCLs on the right hand side too …. and finally dirt filled boxes on the rear decks to give a bit of extra cover to the troopers.


“C” Company, 5/60th Inf, 9th ID

M106 mortar track 2/47th Infantry “Black Panthers” 9th ID

And two both with extnded vanes, 3/5th cavalry “Black Knights” 9th ID on a sweep out of FSB Bastogne.


2 comments on “M113 reference pics

  1. Hi Brent, thanks for these, great pictures, very interesting, these are from Vietnam? I’m quite surprised by these, as you can see in the pictures it would reduce the drivers visibility considerably, especially moving up an incline, it would make it hell for the driver to travers ditches etc, they must have been carrying a lot of equipment to need to stow it there, must have been a case of stow it or leave it.

  2. Yeah matey they’re all Nam pics. From reading and looking at all my pic stash, the crews almost always are seen riding on top of the track (even in contact) so they’d be able to assist the driver negotiating obstacles, and I think the fear of RPGs meant adding anything to give a bit of standoff protection, and that could be another reason for extending the vane.

    Plus you can get away with things “in theater”, like miss-using the trim vane, that you never could in peacetime. It looks the same in Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc, with vehicles being overloaded with field modifications. Once out of conflict and home the rules return and the vehicles get cleaned up and returned to “as intended” configuration.

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