Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod

Wipped up another new 20mm tank as mental therapy. The Panther F has now replaced the PzIV as the standard medium battle tank pending final design approval of the PantherII. As an attempt to provide a heavier armed and amoured version to fufill an overwatch role in the medium tank companies, MAN provided a set of mix’n’match field modification kits to be added by the workshops as required. Although effective and able to engage and hit targets with accuracy out to 3km, the added weight taxed the chassis above it’s limit and reliability suffered acordingly. The vehicle shown, designated Panther Ausf.F R/6, has the full range of field mods fitted, which include the standard Henschel 8.8cm Kwk43 heavy turret, a Zeis 1.75m stereoscopic rangfinder, 60mm spaced armour and 2x 150ltr armoured “wing” tanks …..

Mashed together with the hull of a 1/72nd Dragon PantherF, a TigerII turret and some plasticard.



5 comments on “Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod

    • Brent,
      Very interesting work. Is all of the background fiction or is there some kernal of truth in it?
      That’s really a lovely effort. I look forward to seeing it painted and for sale on ebay (hint hint!)
      All the best,

      • Hey George, thnx! No truth, all fiction although I try to make the vehicles and background a little believable. Not sure she’ll make ebay though, the table across from our US heavies maybe : ))


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