T28 105mm GMC – Project ’46 X-tanks size comparison

I’ve been asked by a few people as to the size of the recently posted T28 GMC so I’ve taken a comparison group pic of some of our 1/72nd “X-Tanks”.

From left to right they are; M51B SuperSherman a Ken Overby conversion for the Dragon M4A3E8 kit, T28 105mm GMC from Cromwell Models, T29E3 Super Heavy Tank from Cromwell Models, TigerIIF self conversion of the Dragon TigerII and the E-100 Krokodil which is again another Cromwell Models vehicle.


And just for the fun of it ….. a few winter tankies.


3 comments on “T28 105mm GMC – Project ’46 X-tanks size comparison

  1. Hi, the Tiger II looks racey but the main gun barrel looks surprisingly small compared to the US vehicles and the Krok! You should finish the Black Prince and add it in 🙂 for comparison.

  2. Very wrong scaling. The T28 Superheavy was only 10 inches shorter than the Tiger II. The T29 was 4 inches taller than the Tiger II. The T29 hull(gun aft) was 8 feet 6 inches longer than the Tiger II hull(gun aft). The Super Sherman was only 3 inches taller than the T28 Superheavy.

    Tiger II is too big.
    “krokodil” was never conceived by German engineers. It’s nothing more than concept art. Was never even on paper.
    Sherman is WAY too big.
    T95/T28 Superheavy needs to be larger.

    • Thanks, yeah I agree the sizes are only relative and not scale accurate. As I’m only casual modelling the kit dimensions aren’t so much of an issue and very hard to correct in the resin kits at any rate. I might update the post with a table of the prototype sizes for those interested which would give more accurate info as the pics are representative and for fun only.It won’t be until I’m back from the hospital though.

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