T28 / T95 GMC Super Heavy Tank – 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

Been working on several wip projects over the last week, still having much of my progress slowed by a lack of varnish. The local shop can’t get what I need without being charged a ridiculous courier charge as spray cans have to be transported by a registered chemical courier and can no longer be shipped by regular post …. fun fun fun. Anyway, I see the new 1/35th Dragon release of the T28 US Super Heavy Tank is now on sale at Hobbyeasy … and while we wait to get one it seemed like a good time to post up our 20mm wargaming kit, which was supplied by Cromwell.



8 comments on “T28 / T95 GMC Super Heavy Tank – 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

  1. Thnx Dan ………. something to pit against the Krokodil on the gaming table! Also can’t wait to make the 1/35th kit although my brother has plans to beat me to it, I might have to try making the Meng Tortise!

  2. Yeah, baby! I can’t wait to get my mits on that 1/35th kit and butcher it – like all good younger brothers everywhere hehehe

  3. On my Gawd. My Russian Napoleonic Empire hangs in the balance for lack of varnish!! 8O)

    No problems from my end Greater Queeg Sir. I believe that that Napoleon and his band of pimped out lackeys turned left when they should’ve turned right and aren’t now expected for several weeks. 8O))

    von Peter himself

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