Project ’46 1/35th Alpine crew (Panther crew set 35132) – 2

Ok, had to carry on until I finished. So here’s the t/c finished, or at least as finished as I’m capable of. Added headset leads but adding the throat mics are a bit beyond my ability unfortunately.

Also I wanted a greenish hue to the base uniform material but I’ll have to wait until daylight tomorrow to make a descision on whether it stays as it is or gets a filter to tone it down a bit as the night lighting is making it look a little garish …



3 comments on “Project ’46 1/35th Alpine crew (Panther crew set 35132) – 2

  1. I like the green tinit personally. Very nice flesh colour BTW. This looks like a grizzled soldier. Nice Turret teaser too!

  2. Yeah it looks better this morning. I might put a very very light overall glaze over him just to tie everything together, but nothing strong enough to really change the colour. As to the flesh colour, he looks about 18 in the box art, I wanted someone who was in the 6th year of war 🙂 Plus that suits my style of fig painting more.

    I took some pics of the turret but it looks great in the fleah but shite in teh pics, white is just such a faffing colour to take pics of …… Love the Apline crews tho, we’ll have to get some more!

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